Cookies are text strings and numbers containing small amounts of information downloaded to your computer or your mobile device when you visit a website. Squares Union uses cookies to store information about your preferences and your profile. Namely to:

1. identify you when you log in to our website;
2. keep your preferences for your country and your language
3. retain key parameters required to perform a transaction;
4. know whether you have visited certain pages of our website.

If you have configured your browser to allow cookies, that means you accept the use of our cookies in accordance with this policy. To select the sites that accept cookies, change your browser settings. You can also delete cookies already stored by your browser. For more information on how to proceed, see the Help menu of your browser. In addition, our Web pages may contain similar technologies to recognize which pages you have visited. This helps us to analyze how our site is used and to improve the user experience. To measure the effectiveness of our customer communications, we can integrate this technology to our emails to know which addresses and links are opened by recipients.

Internet Advertising

We display our banners on other websites through advertising networks. If your browser is set to allow third-party cookies, targeted ads based on your interests may be displayed when you visit other websites. Targeted ads present on other websites may be determined by your previous interactions with our website. They allow ad networks to display the most relevant ads based on your interests. We will not provide personal identifying information to advertisers or any third party sites that display targeted advertisements by our interests.